Acelga Quintett, v.l.: Hanna Mangold (Flöte), Sebastian Poyault (Oboe), Antonia Zimmermann (Fagott), Julius Kircher (Klarinette), Amanda Kleinbart (Horn).

Acelga Quintet

Woodwind Quintet

Hanna Mangold – flute
Sebastian Poyault – oboe
Julius Kircher – clarinet
Amanda Kleinbart – frenchhorn
Antonia Zimmermann – bassoon

The Acelga Quintet is a challenge to the genre “wind-quintet” and puts it on a very high level. Be bewiched by these impressive musicians….

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Acelga Quintet


Acelga is not only the Spanish term for chard, the nutritious and vitamin-rich vegetable, it is also the name of an equally energetic woodwind quintet. Founded in 2012 by the five young musicians Hanna Mangold (flute), Sebastian Poyault (oboe), Julius Kircher (clarinet), Amanda Kleinbart (horn) and Antonia Zimmermann (bassoon), the group quickly established itself as one of the leading quintets of the younger generation. In 2013, the Acelga Quintet was awarded a scholarship from the German Music Council at the German Music Competition in Stuttgart and was included in the Council’s 58th Young Artists concert series. In the following year, the quintet won third prize in the 2014 ARD Music Competition. The group performs regularly both in Germany and abroad, including at the Rheingau Musik Festival, Bachfest Leipzig, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festspiele, and it has made numerous recordings for well-known broadcasting organisations. For its debut album Bohemia in collaboration with SWR and GENUIN classics, the quintet received a special prize from the Oscar and Vera Ritter Foundation.

Critics have praised this exceptional ensemble’s unique combination of soloist bravura and chamber music sensitivity:»The musicians communicate between each other with technical brilliance, precision, freshness, passion and a rich palette of colours.« All five players are members of prestigious German orchestras or teach as university professors. In the quintet, they come together to form a homogeneous group characterised by subtlety of expression, refined ensemble playing, charismatic joy in performing and interpretive authenticity.

The members of the Acelga Quintet met while they were playing in prominent youth orchestras and academies, such as the European Union Youth Orchestra, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, and the Orchestra Academy of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. As a quintet, they have developed a broad and varied repertory that includes the classics of the quintet literature, arrangements of well-known compositions and rarely performed works that range from the early classical period up to the 21st century. The group continually explores all the possibilities for dynamic contrast and sound colour inherent in this exciting instrumental combination. »No other ensemble dared to risk so much dramatic vitality and variety of nuance«, wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung after Acelga Quintet’s performance at the prestigious ARD Music Competition.

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