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Vivi Vassileva

Live with ORACULUM

“We are living in the century of percussion. Percussion is the oldest Instrument in the world and seems very, very new at the moment. We are pioneers of this instrument… The sounds can be as romantic as a violin and one of the most versatile instrument in the world…” It is the best moment to watch arising a sound…
Vivi Vassileva

Vivi Vassileva makes a sea of sounds with Marimba, Vibraphone and drums. She is got a tremendous musicality and feeling for structures. Within a few moments on the stage she wins by her charme and her music.

J.S. Bach – “Chaconne” Vienna, Konzerthaus


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Vivi Vassileva discovered her affinity to percussion on a beach in Bulgaria. 13 Years old she won the first price at the nationwide award “Jugend Musiziert”. Studying with Martin Grubinger in the following years she received international awards like two ARD-Special-Awards for outstanding performance as youngest participant in the semi finals. Further she appears as a soloist with Orchestras and her ensembles.
With compositions by herself she was awarded the 1st Price of the “Kulturkreis Gasteig” 2016, followed by the “Bayerische Kunstfoerderpreis” 2017 and her debut at Berlin Philharmonie with her Percussion-Quartet.
In 2019 Vivi played the world premiere of the Perussion-Concerto “Oraculum” written by the catalan composer Oriol Cruixent dedicated to her.
2020-2022 she was “Great Talent” at the “Konzerthaus” in Vienna
In February 2022 she premiered the “RECYCLING CONCERTO” by G.A. Mayrhofer also dedicated to her, under the baton of Alexander Liebreich with the Wuertt. Philharmonics Reutlingen in 5 performances.
In February 2022 she debuted at the Essen Philharmonie highly acclaimed by the audience.
As “Junge Wilde” in Dortmund 2022 until 2024 she will premiere a piece by Claas Krause written for her and her “Extasi-Ensemble”.

Some Chamber-Music

at the MDR-Musiksommer 2021

“Frozen in Time” von Avner Dorman

Lounge am Lenbachplatz 2017



“Vivi Vassileva’s playing ripped the audience off their chairs”

Westdeutsche Zeitung


Avner Dorman – “Frozen in Time” Percussion Concerto
Tan Dun – “Tears of Natutre”, Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
Oriol Cruixent – “Oraculum”
Kalevi Aho – “Sieidi”
Paul Creston – Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
Anders Koppel – Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
Keiko Abe – “Prism Rhapsody” (Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra)
Gregor Mayrhofer – “Recycling Concerto” Concerto for Junk-Percussion and Orchestra

with String Orchestra:

John Corgliano – “Conjurer” Concerto for solo Percussionist and String Orchestra (2007)
Emmanuel Sejourne – Concerto for Marimba (also possible with String-Quartet)
Eric Sammut – Sailing for Phil (Vibraphone Concerto for 2 Percussionists)
Piet Swerts – L.A. Concerto (Marimba-Concerto also possible with String-Quartet)

see also the website of Vivi Vassileva

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